Moving Images


Animated gif from varied collographic prints


Car Wash Incident teaser, 2013
5 minute clip of a film/performance costume caper (circa 1974) I participated in.
Directors: Jack+Leigh Ruby
Producers: Simon Lee and Eve Sussman


Jack and Leigh Ruby interviewed on Swedish TV for an episode called “Pranks”

Building Streams, 1983, 16mm, B&W, sound, 10 minutes
Collaboration with dancer Trin Tierney.

Location: Midtown Manhattan and the Housatonic River in Massachusetts.
Dancer and Choreographer: Trin Tierney
Cinematographer: Karen J. Hatch
Original Music: Anthony Davis
Gold Star Award in Experimental Category, Dance on Camera Festival, New York, NY


Animated gif from 6 contact sheet images taken in 1975